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Welcome to the website of the Capoeira group Cordão de Ouro - South Africa!
Here you will find all the information you may need about this Capoeira school in Cape Town. Cordão de Ouro is one of the most ancient and traditional Capoeira groups in Brazil, and is famous around the world for its powerful, beautiful fluid game, that enhances personal expression.

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Classes for all levels, everyday:

  • Beginners & Advanced classes
  • Music & Afro-Brazilian dances
  • Lots of Fun & Energy!

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Africa se Uniu 2014
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 21:18
Cordão De Ouro South Africa will be hosting their 6 Batizado, in Cape Town, from the 12th to the 15th of November 2014. Contra Mestre Espirrinho, Professora Mordaça and UCT would like to invite you to participate in our capoeira festival.

We will be celebrating Contra Mestre Espirrinho's 26 years of capoeira

Our special guest will be Mestre Suassuna who will be here for the first time in South Africa.

The workshops during the course of the week will cover
  • Capoeira Regional
  • Angola
  • Miudinho
  • Maculelê
  • Puxada de Rede
  • Jongo
  • Dança Afro
  • Samba de Roda
  • Percussão
  • and lots more!

Price: R1000.00

Guest list includes:
  • Mestre Suassuna
  • Mestre Zuza - CDO Praia Grande SP Brazil
  • Mestre Chicote - CDO Paris France
  • C.M Ivan - CDO São Paulo Brazil
  • C.M Tico - CDO Moscow Russia
More guests will be confirmed closer to the time.

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